Da 5 Bloods

Vanny Goodfella

Da 5 Bloods is a very interesting & intriguing movie from the legendary Spike Lee that is brilliantly made. It’s funny, it’s serious & it has a message in it from beginning to the ending of it. This is a timeless movie that I am going to add to my collection to watch over & over again for many years to come. The world needed this movie in 2020 to help heal our wounds in this pandemic & protesting currently going around the world. Ain’t nothing like a good ole Spikes Joint to help your depression turn into a big smile full of laughs from watching his movies. This movie touched my soul & my heart at the same time I almost cried at the end.

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Height:5’5″ Weight:180lbs Eye Color:Green Hair Color:Black Measurements:38C/28/51 Ethnicity:Caucasian/Hispanic(Latino) Nationality:Irish/Spanish

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